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Nomad is a sandbox survival game. Hunt, craft, kill and survive! Find food, drink, weapons, ammo and medical supplies - or craft them! Build a base to protect yourself but also remember to protect the base from raiding players.



Many aeons have passed since the gods departed the human world, but in the land of Thoria they are venerated. The Church of Eadra devotes itself to the worship of Arch Sapherion and the Aspects, his mighty generals, who long ago saved humanity from the onslaught of a great and terrible force. A vast army of demonic abominations was defeated and banished by the Aspects, who sent them back to their home of Draxiaadem, a place between worlds where nature is twisted into evil forms.

You are a soldier, a member of the Order of Mediators, created for Vantarian, the Aspect of Balance. It is the duty of all Mediators to uphold balance by maintaining order and peace on the streets of Thoria's vast cities. However, you are stationed in Eenwyck, the very centre of the imperial crisis, and you are about to face the greatest challenge of your life.